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Comment Posted by nighthawke Nov 16, 2015 08:04 AM

Regulation 18.2.5

When opponents get their feet tangled up while running their respective paths causing one player to lose balance, a pass interference penalty is not automatic. The relevant positions and intended paths of the players must be taken into account.


Play: A4 is running downfield on a pass pattern and is being covered closely by B5. A4 and B5 to get their feet tangled, and A4 falls to the ground.
Ruling: This is not an automatic pass interference penalty against B5. The official must determine if A4 was in an advantageous position prior to the contact, and did B5 and take away that advantage. If both players were in an equally favorable position, and contact was accidental, the no pass interference can be called.
(Regulation 18.2.5 and Rules Committee 1986)


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